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Do I need to pay to watch KOG?

It's free, so far.

How can I compete at KOG?

KOG is divided into 3 classes, novice (beginner), expert (intermediate) and pro (professional riders). You may as well enter novice if you knew the category just now.

Can I take a picture or use my video camera?

Shooting inside of riding area, which are sub court and main court are prohibited except permitted media. Any photos or video footage taken inside of a venue are only allowed for personal use.

Is there age cap or any other limitation for the entry?

No, there are not. But those of you under 20 years old need a sign of a guardian (parents)

I can't find my name on the entry list

Please send a mail to info@kingofground.com to make sure your entry. We'll check out if we've received your fax. And also please make sure if the fax machine shows an error. It happens often.

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